A common problem Talk With Us  have found is the amount of jargon being used by so many different professionals.  At Talk With Us, based in North London, we have decided to introduce “Jargon Busters”.  This is the blog where we can share meanings of different words that might otherwise be commonly misunderstood. You are not alone!

Each profession has their own set of words that are used so often that they become part of their everyday language.  As  speech and language therapists, we know that language needs to be learned before it can be understood. You should always ask the speech and language therapist to explain what they mean if you do not understand something.

SPEECH: These are the sounds people produce using lips, tongue, and mouth.

LANGUAGE:  This refers to how you put sentences together using speech, writing, signing and gesture.

COMMUNICATION: Exchanging information by speaking, writing, drawing, gesture or signing etc.

Here are some common words explained:

ARTICULATION:  This is a general term to describe the pronunciation of sounds.  If a child has an articulation disorder, he/she might miss out sounds or replaces or replaces them.  Articulation refers to the sounds produced with the tongue, teeth and lips.

DELAY: This means that a child’s speech or language is developing at a slower rate than other children of the same age.

DISORDER: This means that a child’s speech or language is developing  abnormally when compared to other children of the same age.

ECHOLALIA:  This is a repetition of words or phrases that occurs with or without meaning.  Some children may hear a phrase from television and may use the phrase in a situation that makes no sense or in context. The child may use this phrase immediately after they have heard it or sometime later.

PHONICS: This is the relationship between spoken sound and written letters e.g.  “phone” sounds like “fone”.

More Jargon Busters coming soon.  Resources If you have any questions or queries, please call Hannah on 07769694120 or Naomi on 07956546413.  We would love to help.