Hannah Feldman

As a qualified and experienced speech and language therapist, Hannah specialises in working with children. She has over 21 years experience working in the NHS and private sector. She has worked extensively with children of all ages (from Pre-school through to 18 years of age) in both Mainstream and Special schools. Her work has been diverse and covered areas such as:

  • language delay/disorder
  • learning disabilities
  • Autism
  • speech sound difficulties
  • social skills
  • Higher level language difficulties
  • phonological awareness difficulties
  • auditory memory difficulties
  • children who have difficulty expressing themselves

Hannah’s training has included Makaton signing and the use of P.E.C.S, as well as narrative skills, Shape Coding and Colourful Semantics.

She enjoys being able to facilitate a child’s development whilst maintaining a close and supportive relationship with parents and school staff, providing them with knowledge and training on how best to support their child both within and outside the classroom environment.