Distance is no longer an issue as we can offer a remote bespoke therapy service.

It is a consultative approach that relies on the parents and therapists working closely together to achieve the child’s full potential. For this service to be most beneficial, it requires parents or caregivers to be involved in the whole session as well as use the strategies on a daily basis.

It can be accessed through a variety of different media such as Skype, Face Time and Whats App etc.


“We have been with Talk With Us since 2014. At first it was home and school sessions but two years ago we moved from Barnet to Hertfordshire and I did not want to change my therapist because we were making good progress. We decided to do the sessions remotely i.e. via Skype. This actually works well for my son. We have early morning sessions before school and he has made so much improvement. I would definitely recommend trying remote therapy sessions as they really work.”  Mum of HD, November 2018