We have been working with Naomi for over a year. When we first met her, Z was going through some major changes and wasn’t always easy to engage. He had a lot of anxiety regarding SALT after a particularly difficult time with a previous therapist and struggled with the online format of sessions. Naomi’s patience and determination has led to really positive outcomes. Z is becoming a more confident communicator. He’s able to express his emotions in greater detail and is working on understanding how to self regulate. Naomi continuously takes the time to understand his needs and works amazingly well with our multidisciplinary team so speech and language targets are a priority all week (instead of just during sessions). We highly recommend her ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

ZR’s teacher (February 2023)

Naomi has been working with us for several months now and has been nothing but amazing. We reached out to Talk with Us for our 2 year old daughter who has speech and development delay, the tools we were given during our sessions have been instrumental in our daughter’s progress. Her eye contact has improved and she is able to communicate her needs using objects and through Makaton – we have seen a lot of progress with her interactions and how long she can focus during different activities, a lot of progress in such a short time. Naomi takes her time to understand the challenges we face as parents and how hard it can be, she has been very kind and motivates us to use all resources available to us. We appreciate the work Naomi has provided to our daughter’s development.

H’s mum (April 2023)

My son has seen Hannah since November 2022 and the improvements in his language are incredible.
When he started he was 3 and his language was very minimal and he could say a few words but could not string sentences together. Hannah helped him by playing fun games and engaging him and he improved immensely. I could not be happier as he can now articulate so much better and hold conversations and in such a short amount of time which is great. I highly recommend Hannah and I am very grateful. Thank you.

Mother of MS (November 2023)

My 10 year-old daughter worked with Naomi to help improve her speech, particularly with her ‘R’ sounds and inclusion of certain consonants. Naomi is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher, articulating the lessons very clearly – and always kept things fun and engaging. I highly recommend their services!

Mother of RLB (January 2024)

My 16 year old daughter, SG, felt extremely self-conscious about the way she spoke, particularly when saying certain sounds. Hannah was very patient with her and has certainly gained confidence when speaking in public. I would highly recommend Hannah to work with children of any age.

Mother of SG (February 2024)

We reached out to Naomi for online speech therapy and had a fantastic experience. We are living overseas in a non-English speaking country and wanted to be able to work with someone who speaks English and would be available on the same time zone as us. Naomi was quick to assess exactly what sounds were challenging for my daughter, was very task oriented during our online sessions, developed a very positive rapport with my daughter, and was successful in helping her address her lisp in approximately two months. I am amazed at the progress and am so pleased. I have already referred others to her for speech therapy.

Mother of ER ( February 2024)

‘We worked with Hannah who gave our daughter speech and language from when she was 3 years old until 11 years old.  It began with help on her speech, as small child, who struggled with distinguishing different sounds.  Hannah then supported her through her dyslexic diagnosis to develop her language ability, grow her vocabulary and help her to underestand how to structure her sentences. Hannah gave her targeted support.  Hannah’s work helped ensure our daughter had a successful and happy primary school journey and greatly improved her confidence and language ability over the period that we worked with her.’


Mother of LT (November 2022)

Hannah has had an amazing impact on A.  She has been patient, thoughtful and listened to and attended to A’s needs. Due to her hard work, A will now have full conversations with familar people and is willing to verbally participate in speech and language sessions whilst being seen on camera. A is also now accessing the community so much more than he had in previous years. He has sat a written and oral exam in English. I am so happy with his progress and it is mainly down to the dedication of this amazing professional.

Mum of A (May 2022)

Naomi was highly recommended by a number of people to me via a mums’ Facebook group. We have had our lessons online, which has worked well. It means I can also log into the lessons at the same time.
Naomi is very patient, diligent and pinpoints exactly the things that my child needs to focus on.  We have seen tremendous progress in a short time.

Mother of RO (2021)

Over the years we have tried a number of Speech and Language Therapists for ASD but none of the approaches seemed to work. We thought it was no use. Luckily, we received a recommendation and got a place with Naomi. The intervention over zoom addresses my child’s areas of difficulty and we can see that he is making impressive progress.

Mother of TT (2021)

We have really noticed a difference with Ben’s talking since he has worked with Hannah. She has used creative and fun strategies to keep Ben interested and he loves having sessions with her. Hannah has also given us useful advice on areas to be checked up on by other medical professionals on our journey to help Ben. We would really recommend her.

Mother of BR (2021)

When our son started Speech and Language Therapy with Naomi, he was using only a few words to communicate. Now, just over a year later, he speaks with sentences and asks a lot of questions. We are very pleased with the amazing progress he has made and would highly recommend Naomi.

Mother of BG (2020)

My son Idris was diagnosed with a severe language disorder, Hannah has been working with him for the past year and half and he has come a long way. His expressive language and vocabulary have improved immensely so that people can actually understand what he is saying. When he first started working with Hannah his language was very limited. We are extremely thankful for all the help and support she has given to Idris and to us. He had made so much progress and we cannot thank her enough for her dedication to our child. She has been nothing but accommodating. She is patient, friendly and has got the most out of him. Even after a full day of school, Hannah is able to keep his attention and give a productive lesson.  I would highly recommend Hannah to others.

Mother of Idris (December 2020)

We have used Talk With Us for speech and language for our 5 year old son over Zoom. He is making excellent progress with Naomi after just 4 lessons! My wife applies Naomi’s individualised lessons daily and Naomi’s technique is the best of all the speech therapists we have tried. I highly recommend her. H.A.

Father of RA (2020)

Great service from lovely people. Excellent language support to our children in Limespring School.

Denise Drinkwater (2019)

Our child’s therapist was Naomi Nissim. She worked fantastically with our son to establish a good rapport and communicated with us in order to support his needs and the excellent work that she was doing with him.

Naomi had a fantastic understanding of his needs and ability to create targets and activities to make effective change. Her paperwork was unusually detailed and helpful in explaining his strengths and needs to other professionals.

I would highly recommend.

Mum of JC (2019)

We have been working with Naomi for over a year now, both my sons have made amazing progress in their individual therapy sessions with her. Each therapy session is well organised to suit their needs and Naomi makes a lot of effort in her sessions to keep them focused and engaged so they are happy.

I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Mum of CB and LB (2019)

“Our 5-year-old had difficulties pronouncing several sounds. Naomi has worked with her thoroughly on each sound, in the school setting which made things easier for everyone. She used fun games and work packages which made practicing at home enjoyable. Our daughter’s speech has significantly improved in 2 months and she really enjoyed her sessions with Naomi. At the end of her therapy she said, “I love Naomi. I will miss her” – which really says it all!” Mum of NS, April 2019

Mum of NS (2019)

We have been with Talk With Us since 2014. At first it was home and school sessions but two years ago we moved from Barnet to Hertfordshire and I did not want to change my therapist because we were making good progress. We decided to do the sessions remotely i.e. via Skype. This actually works well for my son. We have early morning sessions before school and he has made so much improvement. I would definitely recommend trying remote therapy sessions as they really work.

Mum of HD, November 2018

“We have had the pleasure of working with Hannah for nearly 2 years. Our son has had a severe speech delay from birth and Hannah started working with him when he was 3. From the first time he met Hannah, we could see the difference.He felt happy and comfortable with her and the progress he made with her guidance was exponential. Hannah has also been great at working with my son’s school. She has helped our son improve his communication and by involving his school friends in his therapy sessions has ensured our son has never been isolated in school and this has helped him to make friends in school.The difference over the past two years has been outstanding. We are absolutely thrilled with Hannah and her teaching and the therapy she provides for our son and look forward to seeing our son develop further and further with her wonderful teaching.Hannah for all your help we are so grateful!”

Parents of DS – June 2016

I approached Talk With Us because my son had Speech and Language delay. Talk With Us helped me first by doing an initial assessment; after which they recommended that I see a Paediatrician who in turn diagnosed my son with Autism. Since then I have used their services; we have weekly sessions with my son and the result is amazing. My son is now able to communicate using PECS. I found the whole experience absolutely wonderful.
I would recommend Talk With Us to anyone who needs Speech and Language Therapy for their loved ones.

Mother of HD (2016)

From the first time Naomi met our son, we knew she was the right therapist for him. He connected with her immediately because she knew how to meet him at his level, literally sitting on the floor beside him to read a favourite book he was looking at. Naomi recommended an all-around communication strategy that has worked very well with him; combining language development of concepts and vocabulary with basic signing and the introduction of PECS. The difference in just 4 months has been wonderful as our son has become calmer and less frustrated the more his communication skills grow. He is beginning to engage with people outside of close family and friends and for the first time we have had comments about him being sociable! He loves Naomi’s sessions with him and beams when we tell him she is coming. We are grateful for the impact Naomi has had on our family life through the progress our son has made since seeing her.

Parents of 4 year old F (2014)

I have known and worked with Hannah in a professional capacity for the past four years. She has been employed both by the Borough and privately by parents and is liked by all who meet her.
She is approachable and friendly, happy to support me in my role as Head of Curriculum Support and eager to impart and share knowledge with me.
My students enjoy their sessions with Hannah and make good progress as a result.

Diane Greenberg

I strongly recommend the specialist speech and language therapy services ‘Talk With Us’ My son is 5 years old and had speech production difficulties. My son loved and enjoyed the meetings with Hannah and was looking forward to meeting her every week. His speech has significantly improved and he is no longer in need for speech and language therapy

Mother of GR (2013)

Naomi has been providing my son with speech and language therapy since 2003. My son is now a confident, and articulate young man as a result of all the positive energy, and enthusiasm that Naomi has put into her work with him, always encouraging and praising my son for his progress. I am 100% satisfied with the services of Talk With Us

Mother of LW (2013)